julio 23, 2009

LCA Definitions

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Life Cycle Assessment Definitions


partitioning the input or output flows of a unit process to the product system under study

ancillary input

material input that is used by the unit process producing the product, but does not constitute a part of the product

EXAMPLE A catalyst.

category endpoint

attribute or aspect of natural environment, human health or resources, identifying an environmental issue of concern

characterization factor

factor derived from a characterization model which is applied to convert the assigned LCI results to the common unit of the category indicator

NOTE The common unit allows aggregation into category indicator result.

comparative assertion

environmental claim regarding the superiority or equivalence of one product versus a competing product which performs the same function

completeness check

process of verifying whether information from the preceding phases of an LCA or an LCI study is sufficient for reaching conclusions in accordance with the goal and scope definition

consistency check

process of verifying that the assumptions, methods and data are consistently applied throughout the study and in accordance with the goal and scope definition

NOTE The consistency check should be performed before conclusions are reached.

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