marzo 2, 2010

European database for R&D projects

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Background information


What constitutes an ”FTP-project” or an ”FTP-programme”?

Contact information


It should be possible to operate the database using the short instructions directly connected to most fields of entry. However, below is some additional information.

Search for information in the database

The whole database is open to search by everyone. No login is needed. There are two search modes:

o Basic

o Advanced

In Basic search you can search on any word or part of a word. The word chosen can for instance be topic-oriented, like ”pulping”, or a label used under General, like ”Germany” or ”FP7” or a value chain, like “Forestry”.

In Advanced search you search on combinations of two or more search words. Introducing a Value chain and a country extracts all projects fulfilling both criteria. There can also be combinations of more than two search words.

In each search mode, the database produces a list of projects found. This list, which includes a short description of the project, can be displayed in two fashions and also printed out. Full text of a project is displayed by ticking on that project. Again, the text can be printed out.

vía European database for R&D projects.



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