marzo 2, 2010

Indisputable Key – About IK

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Project summary

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In several industrial processes, a non-optimal use of resources prevails, something that could drastically be reduced by introducing smart ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools that make real-time traceability solutions possible.

One rather spectacular application concerns the forestry-wood production chain where allocation of adequate raw material for specific final products remains a major challenge due to the complexity of the biological raw material. The magnitude of the problem, based on an estimation of the total production of sawn wood in Europe 2002, is approximately 25 million m3 of wood raw material going to waste, equivalent to €5 billion. A major reason is that important information regarding the raw material is not available throughout the process. The project will change the supply strategy from volume-based to knowledge-based.

vía Indisputable Key – About IK.



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