diciembre 2, 2010

EUROPA-Site on LCA Tools, Services and Data – LCI dataset area

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ELCD core database version II

The ELCD core database comprises Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data from front-running EU-level business associations and other sources for key materials, energy carriers, transport, and waste management. Focus is laid on data quality, consistency, and applicability. The respective data sets are officially provided and approved by the named industry association; some data sets are still under preparation and will be added subsequently.

The target users of these data sets are experts/practitioners in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The data sets are accessible free of charge and without access or use restrictions for all LCA practitioners. The ELCD II includes data sets that have not been published beforehand and data sets that were only collected for this purpose. The data sets of the ELCD database are foreseen to contribute key European data to the upcoming international ILCD Data Network and in complementation of other data sources, i.e. not in competition.

Disclaimer: Please note that so far mostly only internally reviewed and only partly harmonised LCI data sets are provided in this second version of the ELCD core database. All process data sets are in line with ISO 14040 and 14044 as stated by their owners/providers, but are not to be considered as official reference data sets of the European Commission or its JRC. The data sets are provided “as they are”. A further methodological harmonisation and independent external review are foreseen. Please also refer to the “Important legal notice” on top of this page.

vía EUROPA-Site on LCA Tools, Services and Data – LCI dataset area.



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